Thursday, 16 June 2011

Alone and Waiting

GRD, f2.4, 1/20, ISO 400, JPG b&w


  1. I see now why you are always so enthusiastic about the b&w JPEGS of the GRD, Cristi.

    The B&W is fabulous, as is the image, especially the contrast between the dark elements in the foreground and the station background.

    Great job!

    I take it the vacation is over?

  2. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    The GRD I b&w JPGs are fantastic and different than what any other camera will produce. It's the combination of noise, the contrast and the sharpness that gives the pictures this different look.

    My stay in Frankfurt and Brussels was for work and not holiday unfortunately. But I like travelling and it's nice to get out of the office and London.