Thursday, 9 June 2011

"What's with the funny hat?"

GXR A12, f2.8, 1/470, ISO 200, RAW


  1. Cristian, why is the photo underexposed - the "penguin" (as we call the orthodox types in Israel) is mostly black?

    I see a another tendency with the penguins - they tend to under size the hat by a couple of sizes - normally the brim should be slightly above the ears, in their case it is couple of inches!

    (note: I am also a jew, but without such uniform fetishes)

  2. Thanks for your comment Alexander!

    I had to edit the picture on my work laptop and the screen on it is very poor so it ended up a bit dark. I might have to re-visit it at some point when I am back home.

    Thanks for the explanation on the hats and dress codes, this is interesting.

    The kid was funny because he asked if he can take a picture of the "penguin" and his hat, thus my title for the post. I only got this part and figured I take a picture of both :)