Thursday, 15 March 2012

Heavy Machine

GXR A12-M, f8.0, 1/203, ISO 200, JPG, 18mm (Voigtlander Heliar f5.6 12mm L)

This might not be the most exciting picture, although I like industrial themes, but I wanted to give Photoshop Touch on my Asus Transformer a go.
Aside from the stupid idea to limit the maximum resolution to 1600 pixels, it is actually a pretty decent program and quite capable, it is also quick on the Transformer. The size limitation is really bad though and I hope Adobe will increase this.
I hope Snapseed for Android will be released soon since it supports full size editing on my iPhone 4 and I guess iPad but the iPad is limited in all other ways.

The more Google improves Android and the more capable the apps available for it get, the easier it is for me to do almost everything on the Transformer. For me the Transformer is the future of computing because it is flexible and replaces two devices rather than being a 3rd device nobody really needs. It is also very nice to use.

If someone would just port RAW Therapee on Android I would have no real reason to use my notebook anymore, other than for work this is.

On another note, Ricoh has released a new firmware update for the GXR today. It is version 1.50 and includes features like the ability to enter copyright information to the EXIF,the ability to continue shooting when keeping the shutter pressed, bulb mode and also one feature I never understand but lots of people want for some reason, the ability to shoot RAW only. Can someone please tell me what the point or big deal is to shoot only RAW and either have a tiny embedded JPG in there but useless for even reviewing focus or a fullsize JPG which makes the RAW bigger by the same size a JPG would take?

So if you are still reading and have a GXR, what are you waiting for, go to the download page and update the firmware. You can get it here.

Ricoh certainly listens to it's users and shows again exemplary support of their cameras.

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