Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Walking to the Gate

GRD, f4.5, 1/250, ISO 64, JPG b&w

Again at an airport, it was Munich for work today.

Tomorrow, I will head off to Boston and New York for a few days holiday and photography. This is my first real holiday this year although it feels like I have not stopped travelling. If anyone reading my blog is around Boston or New York and wants to met up for a coffee and some photography discussion and shooting let me know.

I will take my GXR A12-M with me and a 3 lens kit, I have too many lenses so I try to always take 3 with me for any longer holiday or trip. This time it will be the Voigtlander Heliar 12mm, Nokton 35mm and the Jupiter-8 50mm lens. I wanted to take the GR lens along, too, but decided to take the GR lens on the GRD I instead and so have a spare camera.


  1. If you haven't been to Boston before, you will enjoy it.

    I wish you bon voyage, Cristi. It's a pity I am not closer to those cities. Oh well.

    I look forward to the forthcoming photographs.

  2. Hi Cristian, I wrote to you a while back about a Ricoh NYC meet up. I am in NYC and would love to meet up with you and talk photography,gear and even take a photo walk. My E-mail is please let know. Funny thing is I had not visited your blog in some time. I visited tonight by happenstance and you are visiting NY. )

    Tim Cadman

  3. Really looking forward to your holiday NYC & Boston shots. Have fun.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Calvin, I hope we can meet up at some point in the US or London.

    Tim, I will see you later today.

    Bill, I hope you will enjoy the first posts from Boston.