Thursday, 31 May 2012

People in Boston

Arrived in Boston at around lunchtime, after the sort trip from the airport to the hotel, I set out for a walk to explore the city. Since the weather was fantastic, I decided to go to the waterfront and walk around there to the ICA.

Boston is a very nice place, it feels a bit European and the people are quite relaxed, one not so European thing is the good sevice you get.

This is a series of some street photography from my walks, in the upcoming posts I will try to post more of the architecture.


  1. How long are you over here? Too bad I don't live up that way to do a Ricoh meetup!

  2. Hey Duane, I am here only till tomorrow (Tuesday). Hope we can catch up when you're in London again or me closer to where you live in the US.

  3. Wow... I check your blog after just a few days, and you have posted loads of great shots. Too many to comment on all. Really like the last one as it has a bit of a dejected mood about the guy. It took a while to notice the cyclist and shadow too... very well spotted and taken.

  4. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    The cyclist shot just happened as I was approaching the window so I did not have much time to get it.