Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More from the Lakes

Back from the Lake District but while looking over my pictures on the train journey, I realised that some were not to my liking as the Ricoh JPGs are not that great nor did I want to spend time fiddling with the JPGs.
This is why I decided to take a few pictures and have a look if I can get them to look better by processing the RAW files. My aim was not to go overboard but to keep them as natural as possible but improving on some of the JPGs I posted. Shame there is no RAW Therapee available for Android or I could process my pictures better when away.

So I hope you are not too bored by landscape shots and can do with a few extra pictures.


  1. Nice part of England. I go up there sometimes to get away from the stress of the south.

    I really like the overhanging tree by the lake image. It has a classic photographic feel.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    The picture of the overhanging tree is also one of my favourites from the trip and it was worth getting a bit wet while taking it in the rain.