Saturday, 24 November 2012

An Evening with Friends

Tonight I spent a great evening at Oliver's Jazz Bar in Greenwich, after going there almost once or twice ever week when I lived further away I have not been in quite a while although I live just down the road. Oliver's is always a great venue to relax, listen to Jazz and have a glass of wine. Sure, the walls and furniture have seen better days, it's small and dark but this is the right kind of venue you want to be in when listening to Jazz as it allows to be sit back, relax and focus on the music. It also offers the opportunity to be close to the band and have a chat with them and their friends or make new friends with the other people.
In other words if you're in London and want to listen to Jazz, you could go to Ronnie Scott's or if you want it less commercial and more raw you come to Oliver's.

Clyde Morris & the Blue Grooves were playing but this was a special night, it was also Clyde's birthday and he had some friends as special guests performing. The music was fantastic and everyone, the musicians and guests equally, had a great time you could easily see this.
In no small part this was thanks to Clyde's wife who not only greeted everyone and made sure people paid the entrance fee to contribute to her charity, but was full of energy and a great host to everyone, everyone felt at home thanks to her. She also had some very nice home made Caribbean canap√©s for everyone and then shared the birthday cake.

So on this note a happy birthday to Clyde and to everyone else enjoy this series.


  1. Hi Cristian great pics! Do you have anymore? Really interested in some for my website. cheers Clyde. email web

  2. These are great images of the band. They look so close and personal. That's how I like my live music... small venues, hidden away down side roads. Good music and a few drinks. I like seeing bands when they are all close together on a stage, playing as friends, with a pure love of their music. Excellent DoFs on most of these. Well captured considered the indoor subdued lighting.

    Superb stuff!

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Clyde, I will get in touch with you and show you the other pictures in the next days.

    Bill, I agree that these are always the best venues where you are up close and personal with the band.
    It was not always easy to get the shot but the Nokton lens is superb and the focus peaking on the GXR does help in this kind of light and when working at low apertures.