Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shopping Cart

GRD IV, f1.9, 1/15, ISO 800, RAW

Took this while out for a walk before dinner, I liked the light and lonely shopping cart there.
Snapseed works very well for pictures with small sensor cameras but less well for the GXR A12-M, some pictures work up to a pint with the GXR A12-M but overall the GRD IV benefits more.


  1. Nice contrast between car and the velvet light quality of the wall. I think this one was a bit late for a lunch photographer but perhaps you'r a late luncher. Also I liked the nexus experiments in your past posting .

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I did like the contrast and lonely feeling when I was walking past, I enhanced the contrast a bit more in Snapseed.

  3. Great shot ... I like the contrasts