Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chinese NY Celebrations 2015

While Chinese New Year was on Thursday, the main celebrations in Chinatown were today.

I took the Epson RD1 with the Ricoh GR lens along to go and take some photos of the celebrations and mostly the people around there.

Since I only arrived after lunch, I missed the parade but managed to see some of the wagons around Chinatown so did get to take photos.

There were a lot of people there despite the somewhat grey and cold weather, especially around the lion dances there was always a big queue of people.

Still, I managed to get in between the crowds and take the photos I was after. The rain set on in the afternoon but by then I was finished around Chinatown and headed to met Kesh. We went to the British museum to take photos there since it was dry and warmer.

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