Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kensal Green Cemetery Walk

It's been a cold and grey day but I didn't want to spend it at home so decided to join the Simple Street Photography meetup group for a walk around Kensal Green Cemetery. I've set off with my GRD I since I found the b&w images were a prefect match for the theme and for the weather.

Now, you will most likely wonder if a cemetery is indeed the best place to do street photography. While it certainly isn't, it made for a nice change and got me out of the house taking photos with a group of other photographers.

Cemetery's are always weird places, people think they need some stones and an inscription to be remembered or to remember other people. I am not sure about that, people either remember you or they don't and no stone and inscription is going to change that.

In a few years the grave will be overgrown and the inscription faded so nobody will know who is buried there anyway.

Cemetery's are at least quiet places and some of the old graves make for interesting motives. Still, nothing beats the 'City of Ghosts' near Hue in terms of being extravagant and very impressive to take photos.

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