Thursday, 12 February 2015

Evening Street Photography Walk

During the week it's sometimes difficult to not only find the time to take photos but also keep yourself motivated. This is always worst in the winter months when the weather is grey and it gets dark early.

So when Kesh asked me if I wanted to go for a photo walk after work with the Simple Street Photography group in London it sounded like a great idea to go out and shoot withy likeminded people.

It was indeed a very fun evening out despite the freezing temperatures and we all managed to stay together while photographing, which meant we didn't really walk very far in the end.

We took a walk along Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Soho and it was fun to see everyone using different cameras and having a different approach to street photography. I was not the only person with a Ricoh GR camera though and most people were quite impressed by the little GR and how well it coped with the low light shooting.

Overall it was a fun, cold and late evening but a nice change from the usual daily routine or just meeting someone at the pub for beers. It's always great to meet other photographers and just go out to take photos.

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