Sunday, 1 March 2015

Herne Hill to Dulwich Walk

Its been a very nice and sunny day so it was grate to get out and take photos. It was even better that there was a photo meet up not to far from my flat in Herne Hill.

The meet up started in Herne Hill with a walk across the market to take photos of the people there.

Being a nice day there were a lot of people around so it was fun to take photos. I had the RD1 with me so enjoyed the challenge of guessing what I take photos of because I don't relay like using the OVF, it makes shooting less fluid and I don't like having a camera pressed against my face.

After a walk around the market we set off towards Dulwich and to take photos of the old buildings before getting to the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

It was a nice day helped by the great weather although the meet up ended up a bit early, which gave me a chance of meeting a friend in town afterwards.

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