Monday, 8 February 2016

Evening in Saigon (or the 2nd Worst City in Asia)

I've been to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City twice but never spent any real time here. While I really like Hanoi and spent a lot of time there, Saigon never really clicked with me.

Since I had a few days off and it was Get holiday in Vietnam, I figured another visit to Saigon could be fun and I can see more of the city.

Well, my first impressions were even worse than what I remembered, people who try to cheat and overcharge you, a backpackers area that looks like the worst areas in Bangkok, people trying to stele things and nothing to see of the Vietnam I love and that made me move here.

Maybe it's just the first impression if you stay around the backpackers area but Bui Vien seems to be the worst street in Vietnam and so far Saigon is just above Manila for being the worst city in all of Asia.

Hopefully my impression will change during the day tomorrow. So far I can't wait to leave the city again and never come back.

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