Monday, 15 February 2016

Phu Quoc to Chau Doc

Despite my back not being much better time ran out so I had to try and get back to Saigon in one day.

A long drive was not the problem but the ferry ride which takes 3h. I got there in the morning just before the ferry was due to leave only to realise I left my passport at the hotel.

This meant a 80km roundtrip over partially very bad roads to get it and get back to the ferry but doing so lost me 3.5h of the day, making it impossible to get to Saigon.

Once I accepted that, I looked for an alternative and Chau Doc was on the way and looked like a good place to stay the night.
While I couldn't go and explore the city and it's many nice temples properly because of my back, Chau Doc certainly looks like a place I would visit again. Maybe next time combined with a trip to Cambodia.

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