Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Saigon to Ben Tre

Leaving Saigon felt good, not just because I don't like the city much but because being on a motorbike for another road trip is always exciting.

Most of my travels around Vietnam on a motorbike have been in the north, I like the north and the landscape is great. Still, it was exciting to explore the south a bit and see the Mekong Delta.

The landscape for most parts is pretty much flat, it's dusty and not a whole lot to see. That is until you cross over the Mekong and get to see the river and the life on it taking place.

The small villages and towns you pass through are also very nice and feel again like Vietnam and not some generic city.

People are friendlier and more open, everything is cheaper and nicer out here in the countryside.

The first stop was My Tho before heading to Ben Tre for the night.

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