Saturday, 26 March 2016

People in Vientiane

Being back to a place I've been before means I never need to worry about any of the sights but can instead just relax and take t easy there, especially if I'm not here to actually visit the place.

Instead of going to see anything, I just relaxed and went only for short walks around the guesthouse I was staying at.

I did go to the river to catch the sunset and see a bit of the night market. Parts of the riverbank look like you're at the beach.

The night market is quite colorful and seems to be aimed mostly at locals which is nice. It's also not overpriced.

People mostly hang out along the riverbank and under the street lights to chat and socialise.

While this post is called 'People in Vientiane' the Beer Lao dog is my favorite photo of the day so I had to add it.

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  1. Excelentes fotografias, gostei.
    Um abraço e óptima Quarta-Feira.