Friday, 25 March 2016

Thakek to Vientiane

The next part of my Laos trip were the 350km from Thakek to Vientiane. It started off with another grey day and quite cool for Laos.

The road from Thakek to Vientiane is not very exciting, it's a good road and you can drive fast but there's not much to see or much fun in driving around corners.

About halfway through it started raining so I did find shelter instead of taking my raincoat out, I had more than enough time.

I did stop a few times for some short breaks but overall I made it to Vientiane in the afternoon and had plenty of time to chill.

Vientiane has changed a bit from my last visit here, it feels more busy, there are more bars and restaurants and more tourists but this could be due to the season.

Overall it was nice to be able to just take it easy since I've seen everything I wanted before.

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