Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Vang Vieng Views

The initial idea was to go for a longer drive around Vang Vien and also check out some of the caves and other sights.

Well, we made it all the way to the Thom Phi Khan cave and the blue lagoon, where we ended up spending most of the day instead.

The cave is very nice and it's good that you can just go and explore it yourself however you like.

There's not that much to see in the cave but it's till nice to explore on your own and be in the darkness with just a small torch.

The blue lagoon is a nice refreshing stop after visiting the cave although it can get a bit crowded with all the tourists. Still, it was fun to go for a swim and take some more underwater photos with my Olympus camera.

Since it started to get late, we decided to head back and get a beer while watching the sunset but not before taking some photos of the motorbikes in front of the mountains.

The evening was just spent wandering around the town for a bit and enjoying a beer.

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