Sunday, 4 October 2009

Father and Son

R10, f5.9, 1/190, ISO 383, JPG, 200mm

It was a quiet Sunday and while I should have been working on my GRD III review, I decided to take it easy and went for a walk. I took this picture with the R10 but almost missed the moment because of the screen freeze, the CX1 is so much better in this respect and I am glad Ricoh fixed this issue now.


  1. hi it me tom
    i would like to know
    what a good camer to take wedding
    thank you

  2. Hi Tom, I am not sure about wedding cameras but if you want to do it prfessionally you should aim to get a good dSLR with a bright constant f2.8 zoom lens and high dynamic range. The Fuji S5 should be good when it comes to the dynamic range but the Canon 5D Mk II and Nikon D700 or D3x should be good alternatives. Even cheaper dSLRs should do a good job though and a Pentax K7 might also be a good alternative with the right lens.

    Thanks for your comment Alex!