Saturday, 17 October 2009

Watching the Band

GRD III, f1.9, 1/10, ISO 800, RAW 2:3

I went back to the Cahrlotte Street Blues bar, this has quickly become one of my favorite places in London, the atmosphere is very good and you have live music 7 days a week.
I took a few pictures of the bands playing with the GRD III but noticed that even a f1.9 lens with ISO 1600 is not always enough to capture the motion. This picture is taken at ISO 800 but with the EV at -1 and in 2:3 format but I felt 16:9 worked better. The focus was on the two guys on the side and not on the band so this is why the background is slightly out of focus and overexposed.


  1. The GRD 3 looks OK for noise. maybe too much so. I would rather have more noise and detail. I could not live with the banding this shots shows I would have expected more from a RAW file.

  2. Rob, I agree fully with you and much prefer the noise of the GRD I.
    The banding is indeed the biggest issue with the GRD III and something that I hope Ricoh will addres in a firmware update. It is quite bad in any underexposed area.

  3. Good Capture. When I go to venues like this, I always use B&W jpeg with increased sharpening and contrast...then I wait for the motion to stop :)