Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Morning Frost

R10, f5.2, 1/2, ISO 400, JPG, 200mm

I love early mornings and it was a really nice morning today. It was pretty cold but also a clear sky. While walking across the heath I had to stop and take in the great view with the ground frost rising and creating a nice atmosphere when illuminated by the passing cars, street lights and the quarter moon. Looking up I could see a lot of stars and constelations. This was simply amazing in this moment and I wish I could have taken a picture to show all of this but think this picture works quite well and leaves some things to the interpretation.
These things might be small but we don't really take time to appreciate them, we keep rushing from one place to another and in the mornings just drive by in our cars or in the bus without stopping and looking around us. Early morning is the best time of the day for me because it feels like a different world out there.


  1. I think a tripod is essential for this type of shot.

  2. It probably is but I took this handheld so am happy taht it did not turn out too bad or at least as good as I expected.