Friday, 23 October 2009

Flash Series #4

GRD III, f5, 8 sec., ISO 400, RAW

This will be the last of my flash series pictures before I start a new iPhone week.
Taking a macro picture when you can't see anything on the screen is quite challenging but I still like the result. This was also taken handheld since I don't own a tripod and would not take it with me anyway.


  1. Hi Christian,

    Thank you for the flash series and your daily picture. I think you have great taste.

    And what a great camera the GRD III is. I use it for shooting moving targets. When things stay put, I shoot them with the incomparable DP2.

    I have two subjects that may be interesting for GRD III users and I would love it if you could handle them in your upcoming review:
    1. what are the different ways of fill flash use and their effects.
    2. what are the RAW software possiblities with plusses and minuses.

    On fill flash I am still fiddling with manual exposure and different values for flash exposure compensation; none are satisfying up till now. On Raw software I am using a diversity of downloads awaiting Aperture 3.

    Happy shooting. NoMilkToday

  2. My favorite in this flash series.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    I will try to include your points in my GRD III review.

    I don't use flash often and even as a fill flash it's limited but I will have a look at it for the review.

    Thanks for your comment Robert!