Tuesday, 1 December 2009


GX100, f3.5, 1/50, ISO 367, RAW, 50mm

I have to say that from all the Ricoh cameras I have used so far the GRD I and GX100 still have the best image quality. Both are a great example that more MP and further sensor development have not really brought any significant advantages, quite the opposite actually when considering that the GX200 has almost the worst high ISO quality of any Ricoh camera.


  1. I almost forgot how good the GX100 was. I just really miss that camera, but I am glad in now have a GRD I and that my GX200 is about to find a new happy owner.

    Excellent image Cristian.

  2. Thanks for your comment Wouter!

    The GRD I and GX100 are so far h best Ricoh cameras, closely followed by the GRD III. It looks like they went backwards with the GRD II and GX200 in terms of IQ and other things.
    I hope the GXR will prove to be even better once I can get hold of a sample.

    I always knew thet the GRD I would be the right camera for you so am glad you got one.

  3. I just got a GRD I myself, and is looking forward to shoot with it, I got it from new from a shop about to close down.
    And with my GX100 and my GRD III I am pretty good set.

  4. Nicolai, you have 3 of the finest serious compact cameras and certainly the 3 best Ricoh cameras o far.
    Have fun and enjoy your GRD I, you will enjoy it very much, especially if you set it to b&w and ISO 400 JPG only.