Wednesday, 7 April 2010

People in Frankfurt

I decided to post a small series instead of only one picture today. No particular reason other than I wanted to give my impression on Frankfurt originaly but it ended up being only pictures of people.
Then again, don't people make a city to what it is? So maybe this gives a better impression of Frankfurt.


  1. Hi Christi
    the image which stands out for me is the one including the young girl bottom of the frame, superb shot my friend, the eye contact makes the image, there is a host of narrative within this shot, enjoy the workshop, I wish I could get there.

  2. I agree that the eye contact with the young girl makes the image. Very nice moment.
    Also, in the second image the contrasts between the rowers' water trails and the distant jets' contrails is appealing. Is it the River Main?

  3. I've been there once for a short period, the river shots remind me of the peaceful and quiet Sunday on the riverside there. I wish I'll go back there sometimes.
    By the way are all these shots from GF1, how is it high ISO grain?

  4. Christi,
    Lovely work. Can you tell us the camear/lens and settings?

    I also wish I could be at the workshop. Do you think you could hold one in the U.S.A.?

    Thank you.
    Bob Troiano

  5. Thanks for your comment Martin!
    The picture of the girl is also my favorite although I had to crop it to get the better composition. Initially I planned a different composition with the girl insde but when she turned around it became a different photo.

    Thanks for your comment Joe!
    Here it's the same as mentioned before, without her turning around it would have been a different picture.
    The one with the rowers is also one I really like, I wanted to get a transition from the black of the water to the white overexposed areas with the sun. And yes, this is the river Main.

    Thanks for your comment Muddy!
    Glad these pictures bring back good memories for you.
    These are all pictures from the GRD I with the default lens and without any adapters. For this trip I left all other cameras home and only took my trusty old GRD I.
    As for the GF1 high ISO grain, I find it actually quite nice and pretty much in the same spirit as the GRD I quality but by retaining more details.

    Bob, the camera was the GRD I and all pictures were taken at the 28mm focal length and ISO 200 in b&w JPG mode with apertures rainging from f5.6-f9.0.
    I would love to hold the workshop in the US so if the opportunity arises I would be all up for it. Maybe next time I am in New York if there is enough interest we could maybe schedule something.

  6. Another super series, Cristi.

    My favourite is the two rowers - an excellent composition and capture.

  7. Thanks for your comment Calvin!