Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fun the Sun

GF1, f4, 1/160, ISO 200, JPG, 100mm (Sigma f2.8 50mm Macro MD)

While in town yesterday, I bought a new lens for my GF1. I really llike the adapters you can find for it and the wide variety of lenses you can use on the GF1. This for me is exactly the reason why the m4/3 format is currently the best format if you want a high quality compact camera with large sensor.
It is just so much fun to look for old lenses and see the different character they give to pictures.

There are also challenges to overcome when using these lenses, like the Sigma f2.8 50mm Macro lens for MD mount I got. It is really a very nice lens but quite heavy and big on the GF1. This is not the biggest problem, it is more getting anything in focus when using it wide open at the closest distance. The DOF is so shallow that it is impossible to get any decent pictures while handholding it. This is part of the fun however for me to try and master this lens.


  1. Just curious, how do you like the Sigma 50mm compared to Olympus's 50mm f/2.0 macro for four thirds? Were you able to get a much better price on the Sigma? Cheers.

  2. Wow this is one excellent color shot, that's really tempt me to have my hand on GF-1.

  3. Happy to see that you are a GF1 user : great tool in your hands ! and with this lens : beautiful result !


  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Shutterbug, I have not tried the Olympus lens but considering it costs around 300-400 GBP where the Sigma is only around 70 GBP, I don#t thinkl the extra quality if any is worth the much higher price tag.

    Muddy, the GF1 can be excellent in both b&w and color depening on the lenses you use and old film lenses are much better optically then the m4/3 lenses.

    Thanks Val, I prefer small sensor compact cameras for macro but it has been an interesting experience to use a bigger sensor for this.