Monday, 7 June 2010

5 from the Meetup Walk

No picture from today. Was not really inspired but also wanted to show some of the pictures I took Saturday during the walk with the GXR and P10 module, only the last is from the GRD III. The pictures did not quite fit in my report about the meetup but I selected them and wanted to post at least one of them so this gave me the right opportunity.


  1. Good set Cris! The more photos I see from P10, the more I like it! I processed some P10 RAW files (made by Carl Garrard) in LR3 Beta2 and the photos looks incredible! I hate to say this, but they look better than the photos from S10! I hope to test the P10 myself ;)


  2. The quality of the shots in this excellent series make me wonder whether I was a bit hasty in opting for the GRD III.

    I guess not but I sure am tempted by the P10. I look forward to your write up, Cristi.

  3. I really like the P10 and think it's the module I had the most fun with for the GXR and I definitely recommend it over the S10.

  4. These are some awesome pictures. I really like them.

  5. The "Belfast" photo is really outstanding, Cristian. I love how the various small elements seem to float on a sea of white. The lady on the bench is the icing on the cake. Site layout is an improvement as well.