Friday, 11 June 2010

Have a Pint

GF1, f5.6, 1/400, ISO 200, RAW, 56mm (Leica f2.8 28mm R) - Taken on 03/06/2010

I did not take any pictures today so have nothing to post. Instead I chose a picture I took recently that I quite like and it fits for Friday.

You might have noticed that I made some changes to the layout, this is something I wanted for quite some time and I am also looking at alternatives for my blog. More will be posted over the weekend.


  1. Excellent capture and in B&W!

  2. slick looking new layout! nice.

  3. Cristin,

    This does not relate to this photo but what are your feelings about the P10 GXR module? Worth the price vs the GF1? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your comments to the picture and the new layout!

    Bruce, the P10 GXR module is great fun and I enjoy it a lot but as much as I like Ricoh the GF1 is simply the better cameraing the price, especially consider. The GXR conecpt is very interesting and I hope Ricoh can release some really unique modules but the GF1 is in my opinion way superior to any of the GXR modules. Were I to decide which camera(s) to get I would buy a GF1 and a CX1.

  5. That fellow looks very happy with his pint. The light and how he is dressed also make the picture special.

    Its likely he'd be arrested here if he was wandering the streets like that!


  6. Thnaks for your comment Mark!
    He was quite funny and enjoyed the spectacle across the street where people have climbed up on te Royal Courts of Justice to protest.

    But it was his attitude, looks and mostly expression that got my attention to take this picture.