Saturday, 12 June 2010

Four Crosses

GXR P10, f4.5, 1/320, ISO 100, RAW, 200mm

It looks like the new layout is working well and people like it. This is good as I also much prefer it to the old one and finally Blogger has also improved their editor so posting is now much nicer and easier.

Still, I was experimenting with a few alternatives from Zenfolio to Squarespace but neither work. So I went back to Wordpress and found a layout which is almost perfect and certainly perfect for my 'One Day, One Picture.' theme. You can have a look at it here (

So now my question is what to do? I wanted a change a while ago but could not decide at that time.
I really like the new Wordpress theme and it works great aside from not allowing me to post more than one picture a day and it does not work as well for articles but these I could do on my Ricoh GR-Diary News page.

What do you think, should I continue the Ricoh GR-Diary page here or switch to the new Cristian Sorega Photography? The content will remain the same on either.


  1. Nice atmosphere in this photo.

    If you've moved beyond the Ricoh GRDs, maybe calling the pages Ricoh GR-Diary is misleading.


  2. As a P.S. I just noticed your worldpress link and I like its better emphasis on the picture. I find your new blogger format minimizes the pictures. (I think the older format was better.)

    I'll miss all the links of the old format :)


  3. Cris, they are both nice but I'd vote for the other one (under yr name and the format fits your direction) and it's your point of view instead of brands/cameras. But maybe a dark b/g like the current one? Or you can rename this current one too?

    Well whether it's on blogger or wordpress it's up to you but reconsider it under your belt :)

    Good luck.

  4. Take a look at the Redoable Lite Theme, which I have recently changed to. I find it ideal for images, plus allows text.

  5. i have to admit, i've never been a big wordpress-fan. maybe it's just personal, but i think your [new] blogger layout looks more "pro".

    after using blogger for a few years i moved to tumblr, for my dslr photography, as well as my phone shots. quite happy with tumblr - good image quality and very easy to use.

  6. Hi Christian,

    I like both ideas .... the new wordpress site is focussing more on your work as a photographer. But I think to make it with an acceptable effort you should only switch to one site - and then I would prefer the new wordpress.

    Peter West

  7. The move to your "Cristian Sorega Photography" site makes sense as you use a variety of cameras. You can then share your experiences with the various cameras you shoot with, without the focus on one camera or brand. Whatever you do, I will keep following your posts as I enjoy you insight and wonderful photographs.

  8. It is a tough call to make, Cristian.

    The Wordpress site does give your photographs greater prominence but I do not particularly like the way the background changes depending on the dominant colours in the photograph. Call me old school, if you like, but I like either a black or grey background.

    Secondly, that particular Wordpress theme does not allow links to other sites, which is a great disadvantage. I quite often check on the work of other photographers you feature when visiting your site.

    I think on balance, I prefer your site as it is now. It has a kind of magazine format, which makes it easy to go back and look at other images you have taken during a particular week. And if I want to look at them large, it is easy to just double-click.

    If you were to go the Wordpress route, I would look at a different theme and one that can provide the best of both worlds. And to that end, you could even run both the present site and the Wordpress one. :-)

  9. Thanks for all your comments about this picture and about my blogs!

    There are some very good points made for both pages and I also have an idea. Right now it's pretty evenly split between the two so I will give it more time before anouncing anything.

    I appreciate all the feedback and thanks for visiting my blogs!