Monday, 14 June 2010

Panasonic LC1

Today, Carl Garrad has posted his article/review of the Panasonic LC1 and you can read it here. It is a great read and more than just a review, it's an homage to one of the finest digital cameras ever produced.

I have been a huge fan of the LC1 since I got it last year. Like the GRD I it is a very special camera to me and one that inspires me to go out and take pictures. It is a camera that feels right and one that you want to use, a camera made for photographers.

Carl's article describes it very well so I don't want to repeat things just that the LC1 is probably the best converhence between film and digital cameras which works much better in a digital world than the too analog Leica M8/9 or even the excellent Epson RD1.

It is trully a shame that Panasonic never released a LC2 or a m4/3 camera based on the LC1 design, instead they have tried too much to copy dSLRs and compact point and shoot cameras. I sure hope we might see a LC2 with updated 2/3" sensor, the same amaizing lens and some small changes like an additional ISO and/or EV dial.

You should definitely head over to Alpha Mount World and read Carl's article if you haven't done by now.


  1. I almost traded my E-P2 for a Digilux2 but chickened out at the last minute. I really miss analog controls, and I'm fascinated by the lens on that camera (the LC1 too).
    P.S. Thanks for the nice web site, I enjoy seeing what you can do with your cameras...

  2. After reading more about the LC 1/Digilux 2, my desire to get one has grown. Would I be foolish to trade my E-P2 ???

  3. Thnaks for your comment John, glad you like my site!

    Regarding the LC1, it is a fantastic camera and although it is slow and has no fancy features I would easily trade my GF1 with all the lenses I have for it to get a LC1. So I would say you are not foolish, this is definitely a special camera and one you will love using. At low ISO the IQ is fantastic and you'll be hard pressed to see much difference between it and the E-P2.

    I would say if you can keep your E-P2 and add the LC1 to your collection, you won't regret having this camera.

  4. Hi Cris ! I've just got a digilux2 in mint conditions via a camera shop :) no LC1 found though but I love the old style of the D2.

    Great lens and love the setting on it ! I am very surprisely happy with image quality for an old 5MP camera.
    I've got already got an EP2 with old lenses (50mm f:1,4).

    You are so influent ;)

  5. Hi Val!

    Congratulations to your purchase, you will love the camera. It's one of the best cameras ever in my opinion, shame Panasonic did not make a successor.

    I am happy to hear I was the reason you looked at this camera :).