Friday, 7 October 2011

The Subtle Knife

GXR A12-M, f2.8, 1/80, ISO 476, RAW, 80mm (Industar-61 f2.8 53mm L)


  1. Still a daily portrait in tradition of the great photographers of the past century. I have also lots of old russian optics. Used them always with great joy on zorkis. I can use them now on a Epson R-1d but there I put leica glass on. Perhaps I must think on a solution as you have. Thanks for showing.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    The russian L lenses are quite good value for money but they are not always in a good condition so it's not always easy to find a good sample.

    The GXR Mount is a great way to use all the Leica and russian lenses but the RD1 should also be good for this.