Friday, 6 January 2012


GXR A12-M, f5.6, 1/310, ISO 200, RAW, 53mm (Voigtlander Nokton f1.4 35mm)

Took this on my way to work this morning while waiting at a traffic light and turning round to look for a photo opportunity.
I really like the low sun in the winter months, the only problem is to actually be outside to take pictures during the limited time when the sun is low on the horizon and creates long shadows.


  1. I find myself drawn to this photograph. The initial concept of the long shadows perhaps doesn't come through as strongly as was intended but what we do get is a wonderfully balanced composition and a set of interesting subjects. One could almost believe that you directed the people in this shot in terms of what they are doing and their body language. And then the crowning glory is the guy attending to his bicycle, once again perfectly placed in the composition.

    As an aside, I totally agree with your views on the Leica M9. It amazes me that people spend $7,000for a camera with a 230,000 dot LCD? Ah, but you do get a red dot!

    You had quite a battle to try and get some meaningful discussion as to the camera's merits. But, as you have probably gathered, egos tend to get in the way of discussions about cameras.

    I don't what it is but the forums on DPReview seem to bring out the worst in people, with rational adults suddenly taking on the attitude of adolescents with serious personality issues.

    I had a disagreement with a certain member of the Ricoh forum a few months back. The debate was conducted in a civil manner but the fact that I dared to disagree has resulted in the person taking umbrage. I am now completely ignored by this person.

    Life is too short for this kind of petty and childish behaviour. From now on I will still read the Ricoh forum but my contributions will only be the occasional comment on someone's photographs.

    Like you, I am all for discussion but certain bombastic individuals seem to want to stifle it. They believe they are right, based on their years of experience and some moderate photographic success they achieved years ago, while everyone else is wrong.

    It is a great shame that some very knowledgeable people are so arrogant, downright rude and such a pain. But that's the Internet for you.

  2. Beautiful striking low light. I must say with the comment before that it is a nice balanced composition.In the end its the picture that count not the camera.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Calvin, while the long shadows have not much to do with this picture they were what made me turn around and take this picture. Photography is all about light and for me long and harsh shadows are quite inspiring.

    Regarding the M9 discussions, it is indeed a shame that you can't have civilized conversations with people in forums. They always feel personally attacked if you dare imply that their dream camera might have some flaws or question it.

    In the end the equipment does not matter so you would think that photographers could have a normal conversation about gear without getting all emotional about this. But I guess this won't happen.

  4. Its a great shot, taking advantage of the sun positioning. I know what you mean about the small windows of opportunity with certain lighting conditions. When they appear, use them! The shadows do work; they add to the image by giving extra dimensions and character.

    This photo is obviously an early morning march to work by commuters etc. There is a scene with some action and direction.

  5. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    I always try to have my camera out an ready on my way to and from work, you never know when something interesting comes up.