Friday, 13 January 2012

Waiting for the Bus

GRD, f2.4, 1/20, ISO 200, JPG b&w

Another b&w and square format picture today. I took this while on my way to work.

I have to say, the GRD I still impresses me with the quality of the files and mostly the character. It also leads me to a different way of shooting. I take more spontaneous shots, I worry less about the technical details and just take the pictures. As good as other cameras are, the GRD I still remains in my opinion the best camera for street photography.


  1. Like the shot very much - but not sure about the square format.

  2. I am loving shooting with my GRD 1. So glad I took a chance and bought it. No further probs since the first freeze and I've been using it pretty much every day.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Yesbuts, I don't think a square format was needed here but wanted it to fit in the rest of the series, it works as well in any other format.

    Iesha, I am glad to hear you enjoy the GRD I and had no further problems with it. Mine freezes almost every time I press the Adj. button but I am just working around it. It's also quite old now and has seen a lot of use.

  4. Love the square format. She is one hell of a charater.

  5. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    She was quite a character, a very strange one. :)

  6. Knowing I got a shot like that on my way to work...well, it would make working all day a little more pleasant..very nice.Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks for your comment Dave!

    Photography does indeed make my working day more pleasant so I try to take pictures on my way to work, during lunch and on my way back home. There are opportunities all around us but at times we don't see them because we are not looking.