Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Man in the Window

GXR A12-M, f5.6, 1/1150, ISO 200, RAW, 53mm (Voigtlander Nokton f1.2 35mm)

While walking down the stairs I saw my shadow on the wall and thought it could make a nice picture so I waited for someone else to go up. Without a person in the foreground it did not work however and was too empty. This meant I had to wait a bit longer and hope to get lucky with a person walking up and one walking across.
When I first took this shot I was annoyed that I did not wait a bit longer to capture the guy walking past more in the light but after looking back at it and realizing the picture with the wonam in the background it was actually the right time to take the picture.


  1. Really like this shot. Nice to have the story, too. Cartier-Bresson is reputed to have scouted scenes that would make interesting compositions and then waited for something to happen so he could catch it just right. Patience is definitely a virtue.

  2. I like how you have waited for the actors to play their part! I think I will try this next time I am out... find the backdrop, then watch the scene.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    I am usually not patient enough to wait around but it's usually always worth it if I do.

  4. I love this, it's so...sinister

  5. Thanks for your comment Iesha!

    The shadow does indeed have something sinister.