Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Smoker

GRD, f5.0, 1/400, ISO 1600, JPG b&w

Took this on my way to work, it's always good to have your camera ready since you never know when an opportunity arises.

Since I wanted to travel light I took only my GRD with me but I travelled too light and forgot my SD card so had to make do with the internal memory only. Good thing it's got enough for 8 JPGs and since I don't shoot RAW with the GRD I, it got me through the day.


  1. Great shot, Cristian. I've left my main card at home as well, but I always have a spare tucked into my wallet. If I leave my house without my wallet, I won't get far.

  2. from all of the camer what one you think is good or you would buy

    The Olympus E-P2 e-p1

    Olympus PEN E-PL2 Digital Camera

    DMC-GF2 Digital Micro Four Thirds Camera

    Panasonic's Lumix DMC-GF3 Digital Camera

    Sony's α (Alpha) NEX-3 or nex-c3

    i dont know which to pick from all of them

    thank tom

  3. Nice one. I follow Your blog quite a while. I learned a lot about photography. What an inspiration it is!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Björn, I usually have an SD card in all of my cameras and a spare one in my bag. This time I did not have my bag with me and took the camera without the SD card inside. Might have to do what you're doing.

    Tom, all cameras should be good so it depends on what you need.
    If you are looking for a compact camera with a good selection of lenses I would get the Panasonic GF2, it's small and has some very good AF lenses available.
    If you want the best image quality and are fine with only the kit lens or want to use mostly MF legacy lenses the Sony NEX-C3 would be better.
    Overall the Panasonic GF2 will be the smaller and more flexible camera due to more lenses being available for it. While the Sony NEX-C3 will have a better sensor there are no good AF lenses available for it so you are stuck with the kit zoom lens which is also very big.

    Thanks KUM, glad to hear my blog is an inspiration.

  5. Nice shot. Interesting (if slightly menacing) character.

    I can spot that GRD jpeg grain immediately. I miss my GRD.

    GRD3 is great, and is alot better generally; but I miss those BW jpgs.

    I still have the GRD, but lens is locked out and it rattles inside! It had a tap on the lens against a doot frame. (doh!) I have never checked to see repair costs.

  6. My lightweight camera equivalent of your GRD is a GX100 (nearly 5 years old now) I too have in the past taken it out without a card and another time without batteries (bought AAA's)

    Easy fixes are some of the many things that make Ricoh the best thought out cameras you can buy. They are surely designed by people who actually use them..

    I knew the GXR/A12 would eventually seem too heavy


  7. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    The GRD I is pretty unique when it comes to the grain/noise of the images and especially in b&w. Depending on how much it would cost it might be worth getting it fixed, no other camera will give you the same character.

    Thanks for your comment Peter!

    I also have a GX100 but don't use it much, the GRD I is always more practical to carry around than the GXR.
    To be honest, I also quite missed using the GRD so this is again part of the reason to take it out again.

  8. What is the best way forward in getting it looked at for repairs? Any reccommendations? Official Ricoh repair centers?

  9. Hi Bill, The best way for repairs in to contact Ricoh via their website. An alternative is to wait till the next Ricoh meetup and bring it along.
    I can also ask for you and see what the best approach is.

  10. That would be great of you.

    (I hope to meet you before next Ricoh meetup though.)