Monday, 4 June 2012

5 from Boston

This is just a small series of pictures I took on a grey and rainy day in Boston. No particular theme, just wanted to show some of the things I liked.

Aside from the first two, the other pictures have been edited with Photo Editor for Android, it's a really nice app to quickly edit pictures and if it could gain full RAW support it would make it possible for me to use just the Transformer for all of my photo editing even when not travelling.


  1. Five completely different styles of photography. Smart work. Interesting Andy app. I agree about the RAW requirement though. Have you tried the photoshop Touch app yet?

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    I have the Photoshop Touch app but don't like it. It's too cumbersome to use and the main issue is that it does not support full size images so it resizes down.

  3. thanks for that info. I would like to get an app, at least to play around with. I reckon that they will all improve greatly over the next couple of years. Just three years ago, photo manipulation/processing on a mobile phone would have seemed like science fiction.