Friday, 22 June 2012

Prometheus Awakes

Went to the Prometheus Awakes show tonight at the Greenwich Maritime Museum, I did not know much what to expect but since it started at 10pm and was outside I took the GXR A12-M and 35mm Nokton lens with me.
It was a great show and very well organized since most of the action happened in between, around and a lot above the crowds. If you get the chance to watch it, I can only recommend as it was great fun.

While I thought I needed a fast lens for this, it turned out I was shooting mostly at f5.6, low ISO and EV -4.0 anyway. While I did not need the fast lens, the 35mm was a good compromise as a single lens since it was wide enough but also allowed me to get close to the action when needed.
What keeps impressing me still is the detail the GXR A12-M is able to capture and the Nokton lens is also excellent at this and a very sharp lens.

Since I did not find many photos from this show online, I decided to post a slightly longer series of 10 pictures although I did take around 170 in total. Picture 9 is my favourite and if I were to post only one this would have been it.


  1. Great to see the pictures. I'm in Yorkshire dealing with the floods but my son was one of the figures flying 25 metres above the ground. The whole thing looks really spectacular. thanks for posting the photographs!

  2. Great to see the pictures of this show, would see it on video,my husband was crane driver responsible for holding the artists safely above the ground.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures and I hope the people you know who participated in it will also enjoy them.

  4. I was part of the human net

  5. Thanks for your comment!

    It was a great view from where I was standing but must have been great for you to be part of it and have the view from up there.