Saturday, 2 June 2012

New York, New York

New York, finally back here. I love the city, the people and always feel right at home here. I am always very motivated to go out, wander the streets, take pictures and simply soak in the atmosphere.
New York has an effect on me that I want to take pictures and I can see this always on the number of pictures I take.

Today, I also got to meet with Tim, a fellow Ricoh photographer and reader of my blog. That's the great thing about using Ricoh cameras and the smaller number of people using them, you get to socialize more. Since getting my first GRD an starting my blog, I have met people from around the world and around the world.

Thanks to Tim for taking the time to meet and for the interesting photo walk and discussion.

A longer series this time but I was not good enough at filtering through and liked too many pictures for the one or other reason.


  1. Hi Cristian, It was really great meeting you on Saturday here in the city. I really enjoyed our photo walk as well as our enthusiastic Ricoh conversation. I'm glad you Love NYC, please let me know if you will be here again anytime soon. I will definitely get in touch if I find myself coming to London. I now find myself in desperate need of the M Module and Voigtlander lens :)) Amazing Quality! I will send you your picture to your E-mail. Thanks for all the valuable tips and information. I think that Black and White sensor Ricoh camera would be an incredible addition to the high end Ricoh arsenal. I would have to have an LCD though with the option for blackout. Oh by the we purchased a GR4 for my lady and I find the image resolution to be far less sharp on the 4 than the 3? So did the guys at B&H when returned it sadly. I even did comparisons in store with the exact same settings in Manual and we looked side by side, even in Macro?

  2. These are superb. A real collection of different people, places and styles. The colours are so perfect. Although I haven't been (and even though I desparately want to), I could tell this was all NYC.

  3. Love this set Cristian. Wish I'd had time to check your blog earlier as I too was in New York last week and it would have been nice to meet up again.

    Great city for street photography and really friendly people.

    Can't wait to go back!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Tim, Thanks for meeting up and the interesting discussion. Let's hope Ricoh will have something special for Photokina and maybe that rumoured b&w camera/module.
    Not sure about the softer GRD IV, it should not really be the case, maybe the sample had a problem, did you try another one?

    Bill, New York is a great place for photography so I can only recommend you go there if the opportunity presents itself.

    Iesha, this is indeed a shame, would have been fun going around taking pictures in New York. Let me know next time you are in London and we can meet up again and go for a photo walk this time.