Saturday, 11 May 2013

Devil's Dyke Walk

Met with Tom in Brighton and drove to Devil's Dyke to do some hiking after lunch. The weather was mixed and we had some rain but it was a good day out nonetheless.
I decided to take my GR1 with me and shoot some film but film is not reliable enough so I needed a proper digital camera along so took the GRD IV with me.

This is a series from the walk, since it will be months till I get to see the film pictures these are the picture I took with the GRD IV and some with Tom's GXR and Leica Sumicron 50mm and my own Heliar 12mm.


  1. Pictures look good but now you see the progress the world have made with photography. No more waiting and a more balanced light in the picture then in earlier days. Still hope to see the film shots one day to compare.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I will post my film shots once I get the film developed and hopefully properly digitized. Digital is so muc nicer to use and the immediacy makes all the difference for me, I would not be into photography if it weren't for digital.