Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Coming Soon

GXR A12-M, f8.0, 1/5, ISO 400, RAW, 42mm (Holga HL(W)-SSN f8.0 28mm NX)

It's been a grey and rainy day so I was not hugely inspired for photography, instead I finished my Hogs NX to M mount conversion but find that it needs some more work as it still does not focus to infinity.
Since it works fine for close ups, I decided to try it out and post a picture of my Zorki-4 camera with GR lens. This will be my kit for the next day trip to see how I get along with this.
This also shows the beauty of using old Leia screw mount lenses as these can be used without big problems on quite a wide range of cameras.

So this post is less about the picture but more about the gear in the picture and the one used to take the picture.

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