Sunday, 27 November 2016

Around Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

I don't usually post on my birthday but since I took so many photos and won't go back to Hong Kong island during this trip, I figured it makes sense to post the photos.

Sunday is the Philippine and Indonesian workers day off so you will see them all flocking to the streets, finding a nice spot and having a picnic, dancing, singing or just sleeping in the shade.

It's pretty cool as Hong Kong island is otherwise pretty dead on a weekend given most offices are closed and there is not that much else around there.

It's fun to walk around though and with most places being closed there's also less traffic and so easier to walk around.

There are also always some festivals and other events going on so it is interesting.

Taking the Star Ferry over is also a highlight and must-do for any visit to Hong Kong and it also provides some great views over the Victoria Harbor.

The evening I spent eating, drinking and talking with some students I've met so it meant less photography but was still fun.

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