Thursday, 17 November 2016

Thakek to Pakse

After the long drive yesterday, I figured it will be a relaxed day without too much driving. Well, since a friend couldn't get his bike from Thailand into Laos at the border crossing near Thakek we had to change the meeting place to Pakse instead.

Since it was only 360km away, I took my time in the morning and had a breakfast first before setting off.

The road between Thakek and Pakse is mostly unspectacular with only few interesting things to see but on the upside, it's easy to drive.

This meant I made it to Pakse in a very good time and had the late afternoon and evening to go around and take some photos since my friend got delayed for another day at the border due to some paperwork.

Lesson learned from this, it's much easier to take a bike from Vietnam to Laos and back without having to worry about any paperwork but if you do come from Thailand make sure you have the correct paperwork with you.

Pakse was not my favorite city even 3 years ago when travelling but it's a good base to explore the Bolaven Plateau and the 4000 Islands. For now however I just enjoyed the great scenery around the city.

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