Friday, 25 November 2016

Atapeu to Da Nang to Hong Kong

I knew this was going to be a long day. Waking up at 6am in Attapeu, I had to drive back the 360km to Da Nang, repack my bag and catch my 6pm flight to Hong Kong.

Since I couldn't take any chances or delays with the borders or roads, I went back the same way I came, via Bo Y.

I am not usually one to get up too early but whenever I do, it's always worth it. The sunrise and morning fog make for some great photos, especially when driving around the mountains.

Despite being in a rush, I did stop to take quite a few photos on my way to the border. I figured that should I miss my flight at least I'd have some nice photos to show for it.

Crossing the border was again no problem at all and very fast, not many people that early in the morning and the border guards were all friendly. Well, aside from the guy at the exit of the border area who was a bit grumpy so it seems they always find the grumpy guys to put there on the Vietnamese side.

I made good time, despite taking photos but to avoid any delays, I didn't take that many photos once I crossed the border and focused more on driving.

I made it back to rainy Da Nang just after lunch, a bit later than I would have ideally liked but it gave mea time to freshen up, get some rest and lunch before heading to the airport.

The flight was pleasant enough and arrived early in Hong Kong so that was nice as it gave me some extra time to take some photos on my walk to my hotel.

I left my hotel booking for the last minute so I ended up staying in a nice enough hostel but it must be the smallest room and most expensive room (given the size) I stayed at in Asia. Still, it was located right in Mong Kok so ideal for what I had in mind for my Hong Kong trip.

It will certainly be a nice change again to walk everywhere and take photos instead of taking my motorbike everywhere.

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