Sunday, 22 February 2009

12:20pm Pancakealympics

After my long walk yesterday, I decided to take it easy and just went out to take some pictures at the Blackheath Farmers Market today. They had the first Pancakealympics in London. The kids had a lot of fun and especially the kid in the green t-shirt really went for it, he was constantly racing along.

All pictures are taken with the LC1.


  1. That must be great fun. Reminds me of last Saturday when we ate pannekoeken.

    And it is a good thing that you keep posting a single photograph a day :) Like the series Cristi!

  2. Thanks for your comment Wouter!
    And you are responsible for me posting more than one picture a day when I cover any events. Your comment on my Gaza Demonstration made me rethink posting only one picture for events.

  3. Great action shots - you captured the spirit of the event.

  4. Thanks for your comment yesbuts!
    I tried to capture the action as much as possible and the fun the kids had.