Saturday, 9 January 2010

Cleaner Break

GXR, f5, 1/570, ISO 400, JPG, 50mm

Today, I have used the GXR for some proper street photography in London. While the AF is pretty much useless for this, using MF works quite well.


  1. Do you focus using the EVF or the LCD?
    Thanks for posting your pictures and comments.

  2. Hi Cristian, you tried to use an optical viewfinder with the camera?

  3. John, Thanks for your comment.
    I like using the EVF and it works quite well to focus using the EVF. Most of the time however I just use the LCD screen as this is faster and more convenient.

    Hi Xavier, I only have the 28mm OVF for the GRD so could not use it here but an OVF would work reasonably well here and would be no less accurate than any rangefinder OVF.
    I prefer using the EVF or just composing with the LCD and don't see a big advantage over using an OVF.

  4. Good street shot, but the subject shouts out for a close up

  5. A close up would have been nice indeed but for this picture I wanted to have eveyrthing in there and also show his posture.