Sunday, 10 January 2010

Walking the Dog

GXR, f2.8, 1/20, ISO 1600, RAW, 50mm

Sometimes I have a specific picture I want to take in my mind, like today. So I set out in the evening to take it.
On the way there I came upon this scene though and it made for a much better picture. I still took the intended picture but it just does not work as well as this one. This is why it's good to keep an open mind and the camera ready.


  1. This is a great night shot. Its so easy to build a narrative around it - lonely figure walking through the cold empty urban street.

  2. This photo has many cool elements, the lonely feeling of the man walking his dog at night, the lack of other people or activity, the way the light shines in the tree branches... An all round enjoyable scene. How do you feel about the GXR now that you've shot with it a while? If I had to judge by your pictures, I'd say you two were getting along quite well...

  3. Thanks for your comment John!

    I love shooting with the GXR, like every other Ricoh camera it is a joy to use and the controls and handling are excellent. I do get very frustrated at times with the LCD screen freeze and the very slow AF that almost made me miss this shot. Also to be honest, I am not a huge fan of the 50mm focal length or the 2:3 aspect ratio of the APS sensor.
    But overall the positives outweight the frustrations so far and that lens (50mm or not) is absolutely fantastic and one of the best I've seen.

    But to keep it short, we do get along very well but have a few disagreements at times ;).