Tuesday, 19 January 2010


GXR, f2.5, 1/3, ISO 1600, RAW, 50mm

While taking some pictures during a late evening walk, I notced once more that the GXR AF is completely useless in low light. And with this is don't just mean that it is slow and hunts for over 2 seconds but it simply never manages to focus on anything. Anything I tried to focus on even something with enough contrast was too difficult and the camera gave up. This is pretty disapointing since the CX1 shows that Ricoh can produce a camera with fast and accurate AF in low light, unfortunately neither the GRD III nor the GXR come even remotely close. Hopefully Ricoh can improve this with a firmware update.
As it stands now the best thig is to just disregard the AF completely in low light and see the GXR with A12 module as a manual focus only camera.

This picture has been cropped to get the desired composition, I had no tripod so had to use what was available but could not get the framing I wanted.


  1. I am amazed you could get anything presentable at 1/3 sec. Anything I took at that shutter speed would be one big blur.

    You must have steady hands.

    With these flaws you are finding with the GXR A12, is there a quick fix that Ricoh could implement, Cristian?

  2. It sounds as if you are giving the GXR the thumbs down.

  3. The CX1 has the best and fastest AF I have ever seen on a digital compact. It's a shame that Ricoh did not manage to get the same performance and in their higher end models.

  4. Calvin, I used a railing to help me steady the camera. This is why I had to crop the image.

    The AF in the GXR has quite a lot of flaws but I sent Ricoh a list with things they can do to improve things and I am sure they also have things they can do. I just hope they will address these issues soon, this is why I am waiting a bit with my review.

    Yesbuts, I am not giving it the thumbs down (yet) but it is the AF performance is very disapointing and seriously lagging behind the competition.
    The handling, build and controls are excellent though as is the lens quality so it is not easy to rate this camera.

    Marco, I agree with you and it is strange that Ricoh did not manage to come even close to the CX1 performance with their latest cameras.