Friday, 29 January 2010

Back for More

GXR, f2.5, 1/35, ISO 800, RAW, 50mm

I am back after my break and I have to say I missed posting in the last week. Although I wanted to take a break I found myself going to my blog every evening and hovering over the 'New Post' button.

Thanks for all your comments, they have been very helpful. I will reply to all of you in the commets section of my last post personally.

I have spent the last week trying to figure out what to do from now on. The comments as well as me missing my daily post mean that I will continue with my 'One Day, One Picture' theme. I have changed my logo slightly as you might have noticed but will keep the blog name for now. Maybe in the future I will change the hosting and name for it but for now it's well known as is and there is no need for me to change it at the moment. The name of the blog should not limit my choice of cameras afterall.

As for any other changes, there will be some. I will keep posting a picture every day but will limit the text to cases where I have to say something about the picture or photography, there will be less gear talk on this blog (but possibly more on my Wordpress one). The pictures will be the main focus but unfortunately Blogger does not have a nice theme for this like Wordpress. At the same time, I really dislike the Wordpress interface and have a lot of problems linking pictures there as they sometimes disapear while editing the text. This means the layout will remain as is for now, it is simple and works but is not very nice.

As for what pictures I will post every day, I like the challenge of trying to get a good picture every day. This is not always easy but part of the fun. There will be an exception to this, should I not get a decent picture or not have enough time to take pictures I will use an older picture. In these cases I will try to post why I like the picture and how I took it to make these posts worthwile.

In the near future I will also have to start updating my Flickr and JPG Mag accounts but will also think about starting a trial with Zenfolio as soon as I get some picture organized.

My Wordpress blog will be changed soon since this is probably the main one in need of a change to be able to host more diverse reviews. I am planning on reviewing more cameras but also other tools depending on the time I have.

Even before starting work on my 'GR Digital III - A Serious Compact' book, I was working on another book project so my aim is to finish this and hopefully a few more book projects.
Since I am against advertising on my blogs and won't start charging people for my reviews, the books will give people a chance to support both blogs if they like and they even get something in return. So if you want to support this blog and like the GRD III book, go to Blurb and purchase a copy.

There are also a few other projects I have in mind for this year although I am sure I won't be able to fit everything in.

Since I will have the chance to go to New York for a few weeks from work, I will greatly enjoy posting my pictures from there. So from next week till March you will see my pictures from New York.
I have been thinking which camera(s) to take with me since this won't be a holiday but more work and have decided to take the GXR (especially since I will get the S10 module from Ricoh) and my trusty GRD I.

Thanks again for all your comments and for continuing to follow this blog.


  1. Looking forward to your shots from New York.

  2. Welcome back, and looking forward to New York story.