Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Merchant of Luxor

GRD, f5.6, 1/500, ISO 64, JPG - Taken on 23/01/2007

After my time in New York and being out quite a lot recently I decided to just take it easy for today. This means I don't realy have any picture that has been taken today to post.
Since I have a lot of older pictures I would like to go over, this is a good opportunity to post one of them.

This is one of the pictures I took on my visit to Egypt in 2007 with only the GRD I as my camera and the ocasional use of a friend's D70. The GRD I performed very well during the trip and I got some great pictures from the trip, especially the colors I really like.


  1. Nice photo!
    Have you printed it? If so, as a small or large print?

    Joe Dasbach

  2. What a good picture! As usual, I keep amazed by the GRD image quality.

  3. Yes, I agree with you this a great pic.

  4. i all got a gf1 and i am useing the seting as f4 or f56 -03
    as you told me i would like to know what changs did you make to the camer for better pic
    thank you

  5. to bad we did have time to meet went you was in new york i love all your pic of new york they was good

  6. Thanks for your comment Joe!
    I have only printed this at 7x5" but have printed some photos from the GRD I at A3 and even A1 with very good results.

    Thanks for your comment Marcelo!
    Like you, the GRD I never ceases to amaze me with it's excellent image quality. It is a shame that no current small sensor camera comes anywhere near it.

    Thaks for your comment Muddy!

    Thanks for your comment Tom!
    Shame indeed we could not meet up in New York but maybe next time I am there we can meet up and go out to take some pictures.

    Here are the settings I made on the GF1 JPGs:

    1. For color I started with the Dynamic film mode and made the following changes:
    Contrast +1 (+2 at times), Sharpness +1, Saturation 0, NR -2
    For this I also use the Cloudy WB setting since this gives the best colors outdoors.

    2. For b&w I started again with the Dynamic b&w mode and use now:
    Contrast +2, Sharpness +1 and NR -2 again.

  7. So... is it too early to ask if the GF1 replace your GRDs? :)


  8. Hi Mark, the GF1 could potentialy be a proper GRD I successor to me once the 28mm pancake is out. It will probably replace my GRD II and III but there is still room for the GRD I. Also the GRDs are quite a bit smaller, lighter and silent so will have their uses.