Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Book of Color

GF1, f4.5, 1/320, ISO 400, RAW, 40mm


  1. Or even "Book of Colour". :-)

    Another fine shot, Cristian. A good spot and great capture.

  2. Cristian,

    After using both cameras for a while I would be intersted in hearing how they compare in your opinion. You seem to do well no matter which one you use. Do you print any of the photos you take?

  3. Hehe, you#re right even 'Colour' ;).
    Thanks for your comment!

    Bruce, I would say that the GF1 is technically way superior of the GXR and I prefer the 4/3 sensor over APS, more noise, better aspect ration with 4:3 and it also works better for high contrast images.
    The ability to play with legacy lenses is also a huge bonus and something that Ricoh really needs to add to the GXR.
    Where the GXR is way ahead is the handling and UI, this is an area where nobody comes even close to Ricoh.
    Unfortunately the AF is even after the firmware update too unreliable and in macro mode almost completely useless.
    I will have to write a review on both cameras at some point but can't find the time right now.