Monday, 8 March 2010

Look Right

GF1, f4, 1/30, ISO 1600, JPG b&w, 40mm


  1. Ha - that's funny. I just posted my comment in the previous post and the screen refreshes to your first GF1 posting! :)


  2. Nice one! Congratulations on your new GF1. In dark surroundings like this I usually set larger apertures to get faster shutter speeds and lower sensitivities. F1.7 is more than sharp enough. What's next, the 7-14 or the 45 macro?

  3. Hehe, your wishes were heard Mark ;).

    Thanks Björn! I was still experimenting with the camera and tried o get familiar with the settings but am very impressed with the performance, less so with the build, handling and controls.

    The next lens will be neither as both are too expensive for now. Instead I am getting a few adapters for M-mount, C-mount and OM-mount and will ry to find some cheap lenses to play around with.
    I also have a pinhole project lanned and am looking to see what the best approach would be.

  4. Hi Christian. Unfortunately, there's always some sort of a compromise. Yes, the build quality and especially the grip of the Ricoh GX100/200 and the GXR are superior. You'll find changing settings on the GF1 is efficient once you get used to the UI. Perhaps the next GF generation will inherit the touch screen of the G2 and you'll be able to locate the focus point by just tapping a location on the screen. I'm looking forward to your experiments with the adapters and legacy lenses.

  5. Björn, changing settings is not too bad and actually quite good on the GF1. Holding the camera is a big problem for me though, it is not comfortable and seems made for people with small hands. I have ordered a leatherette kit though and hope this will improve the handling somewhat.
    I use a handstrap because the camera is too small for the neckstrap and a handstrap is better for street photography.